Portrait of Paula Miller, LPC., provider of online counseling in TX


i’m glad you’re here!

I’m Paula Miller, licensed professional counselor and certified wellness coach, offering online counseling to residents of Texas. I specialize in therapy for life transitions, anxiety, depression, pregnant and postpartum moms.

Given the hectic pace of life in today’s world, it’s common to feel overwhelmed, confused and stressed out. You’re probably working your tail off, following all of the instructions to be a “success.” Your life looks successful, but you can’t shake the sense that something’s still missing.

You feel like “should” be happy, or at least, not feel the way you do right now.

The good news is that life doesn’t have to be so hard!


change is possible!

Instead of living on “auto-pilot”; continuously going through the motions and seeking approval, you can learn to proactively navigate life with intention and purpose, feeling aligned with your authentic self.

I’m committed to providing you with professional support, gentle yet straightforward guidance, and practical tools to help you get to the source of your problems, move beyond limiting thoughts and behaviors, and get clear about what you value as truly important in your life.

We’ll work together to get you feeling as good on the inside as your life appears on the outside; developing strategies and solutions to enact the changes you want so you can enjoy life on your terms.